This is actually the first poster I made for the HorseMove which doesn't feature my own typefaces. I prepared a different design last weeks but then got a phonecall from one of the artist explaining me that the art show would include a recording of a operasinger (castrate-tenor) and the process of recycling trash.

I decided to make a poster recycling typical 19th century (venetian) typefaces but not in a typical composition as was usual on 19th century posters. The words are actually set on a long ribbon which is then cut in ten strips to exactly fit on a A1 poster. This gives it a more contemporary 'cheap' look.

I'm not sure what to think of the result. As for the Eflyer I personally think the typography is to fragile and since you can't make out the details a bit boring. The same design printed out on poster-format on the other hand really works. People really take a look at the sometimes ridiculous types and are amazed by how detailed (and pompostious (is that a word?)) they were made.

Take a look for yourself !

p.s. All the typefaces are from 'Florid and Unusual Alphabets' published in 1976 by Dover-publishers. I bought the book in de Slegte (secondhandbookstore) and later found out that it had belonged to Will Holder who sold it there when he moved out of his studio. Maybe I should sell it back to the store so someone-else couls use it again.

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seb Sanfilippo said...

yeah! Sell it to me ;-)