I'm on a small break right now from a project that was handed out to me by Hansje van Halem. She accepted an assignment to design a poster for a contemparary jewelry exposition called 'GLITZ AND THEN SOME...'(to be honest I don't know the exact details but I'll update soon!). After a night at our favorite cafe it was decided after a lot of beers and begging from my side that I could design the poster but I had to use Hansje's typeface 'Gaasletter'.

Since the assigment wasn't exactly clear about wich info it had to communicate I decided that it shouldn't communicate anything at all. I decided to 'Damien Hirst' Hansje's lowercase 'g' and make the poster into a platform for more autonominous work. The gems are made out of shades of CMYK... a little inside joke to Hansje cause we both work mainly in black and white and can be a bit clueless when it comes to using colors.

This is the process:

A lot of work since I have to put each of the 'gems' in there one at the time...I'm finishing it right now. 100 posters will be printed. The final result will soon be on the site.

gotta go!

gotta work!


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