My experiment with my handdrawn poster turned out to be a failure. It looked really feeble and thin in print. I therefore decided to render a poster in the computer again. I made a classic-looking sans serif (a bit like Gill sans) and invented a couple of illustrator-actions with the following result. Hope you like it!


cbit said...

Argh! my eyes!

I'm interested to learn more about the steps you took to create the actions to give this 'Doctor who feedback tunnel' result.

7Ton said...

Well...you should see the poster...really worked out! It's strange that a graphic designer can actually hurt people's eyes (but ofcourse it's still a lot harder to please someone's eyes)

This is the action I made:
-make a thin type (mine was 1,5 px thin)
-make it into outlines

This is the actual illustrator action that you have to make:

-select all
-move > 0 horizontal and 0 vertical and press the 'copy'-option
-lock object!!!!
-select all!
-stroke 6 px
-object > path > outline stroke
-select all!
-pathfinder > unite > expand
-fill colour white and stroke 1,5 px
-move to back

repeat until dizzy!

That's it!
Good luck....and remember: when your mouth starts foaming you're almost done!

Michiel Schuurman

cbit said...

Superb! thanks for being open about your trade secrets--I will experiment with variations of this. Also, I will get rich by selling the plugin: schuurmanify07 ;)

Michiel Schuurman said...

haha....good luck!