Somewhere in may 2006 I was asked by a friend of mine so:ren to help him out with a logo for his finalexam-project called the HORSEMOVE-PROJECT. So:ren squatted an abandoned space directly near the SMCS ( the museum for modern arts in Amsterdam) and started transforming it into a exhibition space. Together with Frank Ammerlaan and Thijs Rijnsburger (who run the place nowadays) they invited 5 artists. This is the poster announcing the official opening of the project.

The logo is more or less a depiction of the architectual form of the buiding. I decided to use a blunt typeface without any curves so that so;ren could easily do lettering himself by means of gaffertape or paint. The little figures are there to enhance the idea that the logo is the building.

I've been working now for half a year now on the HORSEMOVE-project and it's easily one of the most fun things I've done. On this BLOG I will post all the work I've done.

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