Gerard Unger's Biography Font

In december 2006 I was asked by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy to design a typeface as a gift to Gerard Unger since he was turning 65 and resigning from giving college. The typeface can be described as a 'biography-font'. Instead of characters, little pieces of information about Gerard Unger appear.

This typeface was then sent by email to all the invitees for the party. Later in the evening I asked Gerard if he liked the typeface. He did but he was very worried where I got all the images from. I told him that I captured them from his own website...he was quite shocked about it!

The party was quite a success. A harcore punk band supplied us with the music. Will Holder outdid himself with a 'mousetrap-calligraphy-contraption' and one of his students made a big styrofoam "a" for him.

I wish Gerard a long and productive life and I hope to steal as many fonts from him as I can since I'm one of his biggest fans.

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