deSERVICEGARAGE expert meeting #1

The new ServiceGarage poster is finished! For this design I only used the Futura-typeface and the sponsorlogo's.

Some details (sorry for the awkward colors)

The posters were silkscreened by Linda Arts in the 'Daglicht'-printshop in Eindhoven. I was incredibly lucky to have Linda print the material because she's a great artist and I think that made all the difference . The printprocess was rather difficult because the inks had to be opaque but still bright and we were afraid the small details would dissapear.

It came out great though. I think it's one of my best posters yet.

I would also like to thank Eric de Haas and Lucas van Hapert for their support.... without them this poster would have been impossible.

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staynice said...

erg mooi! En heel fijn werken daar bij daglicht!