SERVICE GARAGE outdoor lettering

Here are some cool pictures my good friend Erwin van Amstel made. Somewhere in december I was asked by Robin de Kruijff and the guys from the SG if I could design outdoor lettering. He came up with the idea to paint only the top-pieces of the wall (thus creating the striped effect). I made some designs with conventional lettering but somehow the striped effect kept colliding with the subtle shapes. I then decided to make the type as bald as possible, seeking the edge to where type shapes look alike and without the innerspaces. This way it's the stripes that make the type subtle instead of getting in the way.

I can't take credit for painting the whole thing though. Thanks to Robin's determination and lack of vertigo (standing in the burning sun on a 8 meter high scaffold on a roof!!!) the whole project was finished within four days. The design is 2.42 meters high and about 30 meters wide. Cherry on top is the red triangular flag with the same dimensions as the 'A' in the typeface.


gijs said...

Jezis wat dope weer!!!!!

Frederik said...

Best leuk ;-)

timivar said...

Goeie foto's ook, Die hollywood hills setting doet 't