NP3 window-display

I was contacted earlier this year by Zwaan Ipema from NP3 in Groningen to participate in a project called SO3P (soup). Five artists were invited to make an instalation in their window- display facing the crowded streets of the centre of Groningen. The first artist (Femke Agema) made three dresses...these were displayed two weeks until Jacqueline Floor came and made a new instalation featuring the three dresses and her own adjustments. I was the third and my instalation is now displayed. I couldn't remove any of the material used by the other artists.

I decided to make a shoppingwindow with the help of 250 A0 Black and White posters and a Flemish instructionbook from 1936 (How to Become a Windowdresser). Although it was really hard work (I had only two days) I had a lot of fun doing this.

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