Well here it is...the first poster I've made for the SERVICE GARAGE.
I had to break a bit with the chaotic 'grow' designs I did before. Although the SERVICE GARAGE is run by two of the HorseMove-guys (Frank&Thijs) I felt it was time to change the course a bit. This way the chaotic HorseMove-identity will not be confused with the posters I'm planning to make for the SERVICE GARAGE.

My goal is to make artwork in which grayscale-gradients are the main ingredients. I'm especially focussing on the printwork. It'll be a challenge to produces soft toned artwork on modern printers.

Looking back on this poster I think it is maybe not so outspoken as I wanted it to be in the beginning but it is a good starting-point and it gives me lots of inspiration for the coming posters!

Love y'all!

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