This is a Ex-Libris sticker I designed for Floor Wesseling for his birthday in 2004. Of all the people I worked with this is the only person I can truly call my soulmate. We go a long way (somewhere from 1994) and have studied, pioneered and worked together on numerous projects. I will show more stuff we've done on this blog in the future.

We have a shared history in grafitti (hence the Edding-marker) and I decided to combine this with Floor's personal credo:"Veel hebben monds genoegh iemands werk te laken, maar niet welhands genoegh iets beters zelf te maken, het zeggen is maar wind ik houde wel van doen (A lot of people have the mouth to criticize one's work but not the hands to create themselve, talking is just air, I prefer to act)".

The red infinity/period-symbol is the personal logo Floor uses to sign his work.

Looking back I kind of regret it that I didn't use a brand new Edding-marker because the point is somewhat blunt and I think the round text-path didn't work out that well....still like it though.

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