This is the new Hotel Mariakapel logo that will be used starting 2010. The logo can be used in different forms. The three letters can be mixed like three decks of cards. These are excerpts of the original logo-presentation. I will be designing all the stuff in 2010 for HMK. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

There is no hierarchy in the letterforms and there is no content here...just a gimmicky way to solve their logo. I love your work but this is one to out at the BACK of your portfolio...volgens mij. JTKaelin.

Michiel Schuurman said...

Hi JTKaelin,
Thank you for your input. The non existing hierarchy in the letterforms is intended. Hotel Mariakapel is neither a Hotel, a chapel and has nothing to do with Maria either. I wanted to illustrate the constant shifting meaning of this organisation with intertwined flexible shapes rather than articulated typeforms. HMK is always in development thus the logo should represent this 'laboratory' element.
Regards Michiel

dirk said...

Wow, a very nice and intricate logo again!
I would be especially intrigued if you would produce the logo in real material, say colored PVC sheets, cut out with a laser cutter? And then would start to combine these letters together yourself, physically.
Or maybe an animation (aftereffects or something) would do the trick too.

E.Rosie said...

Does the job for me! Love it. It instantly shows complexity and subtlety graciously, klasse!