The past month I worked really hard on a deSERVICEGARAGE-exhibition called UIT DE TIJD (a bit hard to translate...it means OUT OF STYLE as well as BEING DEAD but literally it means TAKEN OUT OF TIME). It's an exhibition that investigates the trend that only young artists get focus nowadays. This show combines the works of young and old artists and let you decide whether being young or old is a visible factor in the produced art.

Ofcourse I made a flyer and other advertising-material but the most thrilling part is that I was asked to design the exhibition-space. Thijs and Frank (founders of deSERVICEGARAGE) stepped in my studio somewhere in June and asked me to design the exhibition. I immediately decided that I wanted to paint the floor as well as the walls. Charlott Markus made great pictures of the show but I don't have them yet. Until then you have to do with this photo Ad de Jong made a day before the show opened.

It features the young designer broken out of concentration while in the back Tarja Szaraniec is deciding whether she'd kick my butt for painting the whole damn' space black and white.

Updates and overview-photos will follow.