I finally received the photo's from my most fun and exciting project this year. Berber Soepboer approached me in august to design the textile for a series of dresses. The dresses will be shown on the 7th of september in Bergeick in a very famous textile factory 'De Ploeg'.

Berber makes wonderfully complicated and inventive clothes (please check out her final-exam section on her site). All her clothing can be in some way altered or adjusted by the wearer. For this assigment she worked around two concepts.


The first one being a dress with a black and white dessin, which can be hand-coloured.


The second one is a set of three dresses that can be taken apart and combined with a button-system.

It was a LOT of work (I designed over a 100 patterns and Berber worked around the clock to get the sewing and the hundreds of buttons done) but I had an incredible time. This was also the first time in years I really worked together with an other designer and it think it was a big succes.

Berber...if you're reading this...let's drop everything, form a label (Soepboer & Schuurman) and take over the fashion-industry!


Gypsy at Heart said...

I'd buy! Both dresses are incredibly imaginative, whimsical and beautiful. I loved both your efforts. Do the fashion label.

The A of DNA said...

I would definitely buy these as well. They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michiel. Here is Gabriela Temer, from Brasil. I´m journalist, and I work for O GLOBO Newspaper. I wrote a post about this work. You can see it
googling: "magenta + oglobo".

Having more news about your work, tell me please! Our mail is blogmagenta@gmail.com ou gtemer@oglobo.com.br. Congratulations!

silvergirl said...

Yes, you two will surely conquer the world! Such lovely, lovely creations.

Mélissandre L. said...

Hi just discovered your work I really like the set of 3 dresses you can mix is there a place where I can buy those?