What's this?

It's the invitation I designed for HotelMariaKapel.

Daniel Dennis de Wit and Jantine Wijnja asked me to design the flyer for the first show they're curating in Hoorn. The show is called RE_CONSTRUCTING, opens on sunday the 17th of february and symbolizes the metamorphosis that is taking place at the HMK right now.

It takes more than a blogpost to share all my ideas and sketches but to summarize my thoughts; I wanted to make a paper object rather than printing type on an A5 ...you know... something that really stands out in the stack of flyers and posters artists receive nowadays.
Because Daniel contacted me in december I really had the time to think this one out and with the enormous help of my critical friends Hansje and Arie I came up with this design.

It's a paper puzzle. I have now seen several people play with it. They sense that there's a message inside it and they start playing with it until they find the keystone. Then the triangular object becomes a strip of paper with all the announcements. Reconstructing the triangle is a difficult job but essential to enjoy the object again. The invitation is presented in a shiny and slightly transparant enveloppe.
I think it's one of my best designs yet!

1. Backsite looks same as front.

2. The 'keystone' is found and unfolded.

3. Some more unfolding.

4. Almost there.

5. Ah-hah!

I want to thank Arie Plas for getting me on the track again by showing me I could make the triangle also without any glue. Get your website fixed dude!

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felipe said...

absolutely amazing. i loved it, it opens so many options to 'traditional' flyers, and in the end it's just a stripe of paper. great.